Our Assemblies

Our Assemblies

If you are a Christian looking for a group of saints to assemble and work with, we believe we can provide the encouragement and edification you have a right to expect. If you want to be a part of our fellowship, please notify one of the men and they will discuss with you in greater detail our work together and duties to one another and give you a chance to ask any questions. We would then let your decision be made known to the group. If you are not a Christian and concerned about your spiritual condition or would like to study any Bible subject we would be happy to arrange such.


Sunday Morning

At 9:30 we assemble for Bible classes. All ages are provided for.

At 10:30 we all assemble to sing, pray and take the Lord's Supper as a spiritual family. It is at this time that we have a 30-45 minute sermon.


Sunday Afternoon

At 5:00 p.m. we do things a bit differently. We all assemble for a 15-20 minute period of singing, praying and the Lord's Supper. But then we break up into various classes. Again, all age groups are provided for and we will soon be having  two adult Bible studies on Sunday afternoons.


Wednesday Morning

Each Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock we offer a Bible class for all who might be interested.  


Wednesday Evening 

Wednesday evening Bible classes (7:00pm) are generally a continuation of studies done on Sunday morning. We have a brief general assembly with classes following. The first Wednesday of each month we dispense with classes and have a general assembly in the auditorium at which time we engage in singing, scripture reading, prayer, or have lessons presented by one or more of the men. From time to time we dispense with these arrangements and meet in various homes for Bible study, with one group assembling at the building.  We believe you will be edified on whatever Wednesday evening you might assemble with us.